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Internet making our brains different, not dumb

Posted by ARMAN PAIMA - -

Future of the Internet 'in the year 2020 could bring a new kind of literacy, the experts say

A decade from now, Google is not going to make us "stupid," the Internet can make us more literate in different ways and efforts to protect the anonymity of individuals will be even more difficult to achieve, according to many experts surveyed to see the "Future Internet" on 2020.
Pew Internet & American Life Project and Elon University Imagining the Internet Center asked nearly 895 technology "stakeholders and the critics" about their expectations for the Internet 10 years from now. Among those asked: the representatives of the Institute for the Future, the Association of Internet Researchers, professors, lawyers and Internet privacy, Internet pioneer and those in the business world.

One of the questions they ask is whether Google, in some ways is a metaphor for the ease of information on the Internet, "will make a fool" because of society's over-reliance on search engines and the Web for everything from easily copied to the address of school report to "Googling" prospective applicants or employees.

The idea was aimed at the year 2008 story for The Atlantic titled "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by author Nicholas Carr.

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  1. GADO GADO says:

    wew.. nice info.. thx sob..

  2. asemik...konesi lg bikin emosi neh sam...

  3. heru says:

    terima kasih sobat atas sharingnya, salam sukses

  4. gambutku says:

    harus pakai google translate nih.:D

  5. @ gado2 : OK...sob...
    @ mas bayu : gue kira hanya di tempat gue koneksi lemot mas ...ternyata di t4 mas bayu juga ya....kwakawkkawk
    @ Heru : sama2 bro....
    @ Gambutku : Ide bagus tuh..nanti lain kali gue pakaikan translate bisar lebih mudah...

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kunjungan Balik Gan...sambil Goyang Senggol...jangan lupa mampir ya di tentang sriwijaya FC dan juga di blog aq ohs87

  7. Thank you for good information to the internet. and thank you visited to the World beneath the world...

    * Friendship remains intertwined friend.

  8. Nice information .....thanks for share

  9. Bonthain says:

    kaya' na internet telah memberi kemudahan yg lebih dibanding sebelum internet itu ada...............banyak hal bermanfaat yg QT raih kasih infonya

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  11. Hermes says:

    I think we (user) who make Google clever, thus Google will not make us stupid. I think this is interesting article I ever read.

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